11 thoughts on “Dorothy | 4D

  1. That was great! You added a lot of details and I like it when you used more mature words like: instead of strange you can use mysterious.

  2. That was a great story!I like how you describe Shenzhen with lots of details so I can get an idea of what you felt like.

  3. That was an AMAZING story! good job on making the reader picture what it was like when you moved to Shenzhen. good job Dorothy!

  4. I like how you had a lot of expression in your story.Good job Dorothy!

  5. BTW in Shanghai the air is horrible and it is super crowed 👍🏿

  6. Dorothy,
    I think you did a great job! You could explain what was happening very clearly and in order. You contrast Shanghai and Shenzhen. But I wish you can reflect more on your feeling about moving and left your old school. Thank you for bring us a creative writing!

    -Kathy 5A

  7. Next time you can speak slower but the expression is really good.

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