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  1. Jacob,

    What an incredibly informative non-fiction piece you have put together! I love sharks and hate how humans are so scared of them. They are beautiful creatures and a very important part of our ecosystem. I appreciate you sharing your voice to raise awareness of how important sharks are to our world and their role in the food chain.

    Thank you for sharing your writing with us.
    Ms. G

    • I do agree that we should not get scared of the sharks and I also believe that sharks are one of the creature that we should love rather than get scared or hate. Also I love the word choices!

  2. Nice job Jacob! you told great detail at your story and you sure did persuade me!

  3. Thank you so much for this awesome informational text! I’m afraid of sharks when I’m in the ocean, but your story reassured me I should relax and we are not apart of their diet.

  4. Jacob I did not know that there are 300 species of sharks in the world

  5. Good Job Jacob! I like how you told us that only 3 sharks are considered dangerous! wow!


  6. Thank you for helping us understand sharks better. Nice job doing your research!

  7. Thanks for your non-fiction writing about sharks🦈, which makes me understand the danger to sharks by human and reminds us to protect animals!

  8. Jacob,
    I love this non-fiction writing. This writing was more like a persuasive essay because you claimed that we shouldn’t be scared of sharks. Then you explained the reasons and the examples you had to support your claim. Keep it up!

    -Kathy 5A

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