12 thoughts on “Megan | 5B

  1. Thank you for sharing a relatable story about a friend leaving. In international life we get to meet so many wonderful people and have diverse experiences, but we also have to say goodbyes so often.

  2. Good Job Megan! You explained everything so well and you did amazing
    -Alex 5B

  3. Wow, really good memoir about isolation. You gave a lot of details! Awesome
    – Anri 5B

  4. Wow Megan! I loved how emotional and your story was! Your memoir really makes the audience feel as if they were in your shoes. Great job!
    – Josie 10B

  5. Megan,
    When I listened to this story, I could clearly felt your expression and you also used precise language to tell what was happening. I wish you can keep saying your thought from your heart! Thank you for giving us such a good tale.

    -Kathy 5A

  6. Great job Megan, your memoir have a lot of detail and you explain the whole memoir really clear!

  7. Megan, in a short time of the story i felt how you felt about Linda. Keep your work up!
    -Kay 5a

  8. I like your internal dialogues and internal thoughts. I like your similes too.

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