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  1. I love how you describe words. I didn’t know you were bullied in your old school, but I hope you have friends in SIS.

  2. Shian, you showed such an important message! and I almost cried of happiness you showed everyone that you just have to be yourself,

  3. Your word choice is great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feelings in this podcast. You are an inspirational speaker/writer!

  4. Good Job Shian! You have great expressions and you can allow me to picture your story easily. Amazing descriptions!

  5. Emma
    Amazing! You are such a poetess! The way you shaped the words, the way you persuaded the reader to apply visualization when listening was incredible! I had to personify every letter, every word, and every detail that you created! But also, don’t forget that even without the “disguise” that you put on, you are still the Shian that we know and admire. Don’t feel pressured into becoming this chameleon, for even without your disguise, you are still the Shian that helps and changes people on a daily basis.

  6. Hey Shian, I loved your podcasts. It is really true and detailed. Thank you for sharing a great story. You are a great writer 🙂

    -Kate 4B

  7. Hey Shian, I love how you made It really detailed. Keep up your great work in middle school 🙂

  8. Shian,
    I really liked your podcast and it was really good. I liked how you made it really detailed!
    Keep up your work!
    -Kay 5a

  9. Nice explanation of the worth. I really think this story is real!!!!!!

  10. Hey Shian, this potash is great! You gave a lot of expression in this story and a lot of detail in this memoir! Great job!

  11. Very nice story! You were really specific about your feelings and action. I really liked it!

  12. Shian,
    You thinks a lot about being popular or not. But I think people shouldn’t just think about what are the opinions from others. We should be ourselves instead of being somebody else. If everyone’s doing that, no one will be popular and different. No one is normal.

    -Kathy 5A

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