21 thoughts on “Sienna | 4C

  1. Hi Sienna,

    What a chilling story indeed! And the twist ending?? Such good storytelling! By the way, I have also been hearing footsteps in my room at night… What could it be??

    Thank you for sharing your story and voice with us.
    Ms. G

  2. That was so creepy! I like how it ends in a cliffhanger! It leaves me wondering, what happens next? Who is the lady?


  3. I like how you make us scared 😟 and the words you give are good explaining word

  4. Hi Sienna,
    I like how you left the end with everybody thinking (no happy ending). But I think you should put some expression on reading the story next time.

  5. Wow Sienna! This story was super detailed and creepy. you did so good on giving people goosebumps! great job!

  6. WOW! Sienna you did so great on giving the people who listened to this goosebumps! GREAT JOB!!


  7. Awesome story! It is the most interesting one in the 4th grade podcast!

  8. Great story, this story is really interesting and scary. Good job.

  9. Interesting story! I really liked the ending and it’s definitely scary.

  10. Sienna,
    I love the expression you made when you were reading this chilling story. I git goosebumps, too! Awesome job! But I expect you to have a deep theme next time(I am not sure if this one has it). Keep it up and create more stories!

    -Kathy 5A

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