Howdy Y’All,

September 10-14, 2018

We wrapped up our week with the last of our DRAs and MAP assessments! Hooray! We are finally done!  What we were able to cover:

  • Math-we wrapped up the first half of their Unit 1 Module. They have gained a deeper understanding of place value, the Base-10 system, inequalities, and rounding using number lines. 
  • Writing-This week we focused on planning and writing our drafts. It was great to see the students put the characters they’ve been working on into stories and watch the stories come to life. 
  • PYP-students created mini presentation on a culture they wanted to research from our Gallery Walk, continuing with our unit
  • Reading-This week in reading students have been focusing on studying characters in their story books and using academic language to describe  what they see and hear. This is linking in with their own story writing that they are working towards.  Soon 4B will be learning with Mr. Ryan’s Pre-K class as Reading Buddies.

September 17-21, 2018

This is a really short week as we have two days off due to Parent/Teacher Conferences and SIS Staff Day.

  • Reading-Through this week students are using the language of debate to prompt rich discussions about what different elements of the text can teach us about the story.  
  • PYP-We are continuing our unit, Who We Are and focusing on our Central Idea: Our Cultural backgrounds shape our beliefs, values and actions.  We will be sharing our “home” culture with others and creating a New Culture of our own. 
  • Math-We will now move on fluently adding and subtracting whole numbers using tape diagrams as well as the standard algorithm
  • Writing-We will continue on writing our drafts, editing, proof-reading and publishing as this is a short week.

Thanks for your continued support and understanding.

All the best…

Ms. Ramos