Howdy Y’All,

Week October 8-12, 2018

I’m so happy to see each and everyone of y’all safe and back to school.  With the exception of a few of our friends still in transit or ill; 4B definitely missed y’all today.  So here’s what’s happening this week:

  • Students will be working on their UOI “Creating a Culture” presentation all week and bringing it all together for show.
  • Writing-our students will be studying opinion writing and argumentation. Students will learn to use graphic organizers to plan and write five paragraph essays independently. We will start slow with a guided essay about a topic we all know. Next, students will be given creative control and develop their own ideas with well thought out reasons and details to support them. Let’s see where this brings our group. 
  • Math- our students will be learning about Metric Unit Conversions in addition and subtraction word problems involving metric length, mass and capacity.
  • Reading-our students will be planning for a research project, cooperative learning research teams to organize and plan their journey.

Thanks for your continued support and cooperation.  All the best…

Ms. Ramos