Howdy Parents,

I think I will be sending out a biweekly blog about things that are happening in and around our SIS classroom and school.  I feel it’s a better way of communicating as things tend to change throughout the month.  I would like for y’all to know that I really appreciate your understanding and support this school year.

4B has been sharing their knowledge and skills with Ms. Cheryl’s Pre-K class and they love it!  Its a great time for our kids to interact and support them through learning, art and crafts and playing games.

We just wrapped up our Semester 1 and heading into Semester 2.  Our reading for this Unit 4 is focused on Historical Fiction and our class is doing a read aloud of Rosa Parks.  (The woman who stood up to racism and segregation in the 1950s) . Lots of interesting and enlightening discussions on the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Civil Rights Movement.

UOI “How We Express Ourselves” and our Central Idea: How living thing process and respond to information in different ways for survival and our Writing Information Unit will be a combined effort.  We will continue learning how to use research, note-taking skills and other educational tools to write informative essays about our topics.

Math we are wrapping up Module 4: Lines and Angles, I have decided to split the quizzes into 2 parts.  The first quiz will be on A: Line and Angles, and B: Angle Measurement.

Next week we will have our second quiz, and it will be on C and D: 2 dimensional figures (triangles and quadrilaterals) and symmetry either Wednesday or Thursday.  We will begin our Module 5: Fractions on Friday, March 1.


  • Deadline for DragonFly is Thursday, February 21
  • Mother Language Day is Thursday, February 21
  • Monday is Library Day



Ms. Ramos