Howdy Parents!

Here’s a look at what’s happening for the Last Month of School (June):

READING- continuing with our read aloud fiction book called “Hatchet” by Gary Paulson.  This a young adult realistic fiction novel and it’s the story of a young boy trying to survive in the wilderness by himself.   We will be watching a movie version of the book,  called “A Cry in the Wild” (1990)  and do a compare/contrast of both as well as other fun literature activities .

UOI – Our last unit of the year is “Sharing the Planet” (ENERGY) and our Central Idea: The need for ENERGY sparks INNOVATION, CREATIVITY and PROBLEM SOLVING. Our Lines of Inquiry: 1. Energy converted into different forms of ENERGY. 2. People’s need for energy affects the environment in different ways. 3> People must take innovation action in order to conserve the Earth’s resources.  We’ll be doing different kinds of investigations which will lead up to our summative.

WRITING- we are learning how to do Literary Responses in Literature.  It’s the understanding and knowledge gained from a specific reading.  We will be analyzing the main topics, themes and ideas presented  in the story into our own perspectives. Writing a Literary Essay about “Hatchet” using the 5 paragraph outline.  Also, we will be focusing on Genres of Poetry, a form of literature that uses aesthetic and rhythmic qualities of language. Planning on having a Poetry Cafe to celebrate the student’s creativity and published poems.

MATH- Module 6 and 7 are a combination of Decimals, Fractions, Measurements and some Geometry.

FYI: of Events coming up

  • June 4- Movie Day, “A Cry in the Wild” 1990
  • June 5- PYP Exhibition Showcase
  • June 5/6-Last Swimming Days for PE
  • June 10- Pool Party (12:40-2:40)
  • June 11- Board Games Day
  • June 12- Poetry Cafe (8:00-9:00)
  • June 14-EOY Party/School Early Release @11:30

“Every moment is a fresh beginning.”         T.S. Eliot

Ms. Ramos