We have been learning how to read in KC by learning our Super Reader Super Powers. We have learned three superpowers so far: Pointer Power, Re-read Power, and Partner Power. Pointer Power is using our fingers to clearly point to each word in a text. This is important for beginning readers to recognize separate words in a text. Even if they cannot read the words yet, an adult could read the text and your child can point to each word. Eventually, they will begin to pick more and more words and they will begin to notice patterns. When reading dinner books with your child, it is often very helpful for beginning readers to have someone read the first page of a book to them, after which they can often read the remainder of a book. As they read they should use their pointer power to point to each word on every page of their dinner books.

Re-read power is used when a reader makes a small mistake in reading, fixes the mistake, then goes back and re-read the sentence. This is very important that readers can make self-corrections. And it is very important that we as adults praise our children when they fix these small mistakes independently. If you are reading with your child and you notice they made a mistake like skipping a word, or not pronouncing the /s/ at the end of “cats,” do not immediately correct them. Let them finish the sentence or the entire page. Give them time to think about what they read and recognize independently that they made a mistake. Of course, if by the end of a page they are eagerly turning it over without fixing their mistake, kindly stop them and point out the error, and possibly reinforce that everyone makes mistakes, but we all have to fix them. And remind them that they need to fix the mistake and they need to use their Re-read Power to re-read the entire sentence.

Partner Power is essentially reading with a partner. This is what we learned and talked about yesterday and today. I will let the picture below do the detailed explaining of Partner Power. Note that “snap words” are words Kindergarten students should know in a snap of the finger, by the end of the school year, essentially, they are words that need to be memorized. In teaching, we refer to them as Sight Words. Sight words are extremely common words used in the English language and it is expected that Kindergarten students can read close to 100 of them by the end of the school year. The words on the back of their Blue Folders are snap words and you can help your child look for them in their dinner books.