SIS Photo Day

Dear Parents,

Tuesday, February 2nd and Wednesday, February 3rd are scheduled as the two days for official school photos of students and classes, ECC nursery through elementary grade five. 4B is scheduled to have their pictures on Tuesday, February 2nd from 1:10-1:30.

Once again we are using the Hong Kong company, Techni-Photo, to take all students’ photos which we will use for the yearbook, our student information system, smart cards, and other school purposes. Techni-Photo also provides families with an opportunity to purchase copies of your child’s photo.

A few weeks after photographs are taken, students will be given an envelope with a proof card attached. If you would like to purchase your child’s picture (various picture packages will be sent home with the proof card), fill in the required information and send it back with payment to your child’s homeroom teacher.

Here are a few things to keep in mind concerning school photos: 

  1. Hairstyles and tidiness are the student’s own responsibility, but the photographer will try his best to make sure they look pleasant.
  2. Those students who are absent on the photo taking day can still have their photos taken at TP’s studio (Kowloon, HK) within two weeks of the photo shoot. We will do everything passible to have a make-up photo day at SIS for students who are absent.
  3. Retake service for individual portraits applies only to those with their eyes closed or technical defects caused by TP. Requests for retakes must be made prior to your order and within one week of receiving your proof.
  4. Retakes occur at TP’s studio (Kowloon, HK). Please note that the retake option only applies to individual portraits and does not apply to class portraits.

Techni-Photo may provide SIS families with the opportunity to have a family or sibling portrait taken. If possible, we will contact you soon concerning dates and times.


Scratch Test

One of the ways that geologists identify minerals is by investigating the property of hardness. 4B used three different tools to scratch their minerals to test their hardness – their fingernails, an aluminum nail, and a steel nail. By testing our minerals, we discovered that the hardest was quartz and the softest was gypsum.

Scratch Test 15-16

Keep On Shaking!

4B has been taking their investigation of mock rocks to the next level. After breaking apart our mock rocks, we took the powdery residue and shook it up in some water. After pouring out the water and letting it evaporate, we discovered that tiny salt crystals were left behind. So we discovered yet another ingredient in our mock rocks! We now know that our mock rocks are made of flour, sand, red gravel, green gravel, and salt.

Rocks in Water 15-16

Shaking Rocks in Water 1

Shaking Rocks in Water 2