Weekly Preview (1/8-1/12)

Dear Parents,

Happy New Year and welcome back! We have an exciting program of learning to share with your children this week!

Writing – We are beginning by having the students review the writing process by writing about their Winter Break. They will go through the steps of brainstorming, drafting, revising, and editing in their Writing notebooks before typing and publishing their writing on Seesaw with photos! We are also thinking about the resolutions we have planned for 2018!

Reading – We are beginning with a review of the reading genres and then focusing on our new unit of Historical Fiction. Historical Fiction is a genre in which the setting and historical events are real whereas the main characters are fictional. Students will learn about the importance of researching the setting of the books that they read in order to have a complete understanding of the text.

Math – Prior to the break we finished up our unit on Multiplication and we are now diving into Division. Students review the meaning of keywords such as dividend, divisor, and quotient and show their understanding through the use of manipulatives and other hands-on methods. Students who have not yet mastered their basic math facts (particularly addition, subtraction, and multiplication) should continue to practice daily using a math app or flashcards.

Social Studies – We are continuing our unit on Migration. This week we will focus on migrations in current events, particularly those featured heavily in the news. An example of this is the movement of refugees from Syria towards Europe. Students are expanding their knowledge of the world around them as well as building their empathy towards the plight of others.

Word Study – We are reviewing the eight parts of speech and moving into identifying the parts of a sentences, primarily the subject and predicate.


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