Weekly Preview (1/29-2/1)

Important Events this Week:

  • ES Open Day – Wednesday, January 31st
  • EAL Parent Information Session – Wednesday, January 31st
  • Parent-Teacher Conference – Thursday, February 1st
  • Complex Thinker Assembly – Friday, February 2nd (in SPAH)

Reading – We will begin reading in book clubs this week. Our focus will be on developing rich reading conversations and diving into deeper reading skills such as identifying author’s purpose, theme, and using details from the text to support our inferences.

Writing – Students have finished drafting their own historical fiction pieces from their group story arc. They incorporated “show not tell” techniques such as dialogue, action, internal thought, onomatopoeia, details, and “juicy” words.  Students will choose one story within their group that they would like to turn into a script for their Historical Fiction green screen. After writing their scripts, students can begin to collect photos for their green screen backgrounds and the necessary props/costumes for their movies.

Math – We will revisit factors and multiples this week along with a review of the multiplication and division strategies that we have practiced in the past. Each math lesson will continue to include the use of mental math, problem-solving, manipulatives, and the expectation of showing and explaining your work.

Science – Students concluded their study of Migration last week with some reflection videos which they will be posting on Seesaw this week. We are beginning a new science unit called “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” which builds upon the students’ prior knowledge from second and third grade. Today we began with a KWL chart and a Bill Nye video to help students begin thinking about the topic. We will review the Scientific Method before we begin the FOSS science investigations for this unit.

Goal Setting – We are preparing for our conferences this Thursday by revisiting our goals from Trimester 1 and looking back on our progress from this year.


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