Weekly Preview / Wrap Up (February 5th-February 14th)

Dear Parents,

This week will be a combined preview / wrap-up since I did not post last week. I hope everyone enjoys the New Year festivities and has a wonderful break!

Important Events this Week:

  • Kindness Day – Wednesday, February 14th
  • Shecky Awards – Wednesday, February 14th
  • Last Day before CNY Break – Wednesday, February 14th
  • Chinese New Year Break (February 15 – February 25th)
  • Return to School – Monday, February 26th

Reading – Students began book clubs by watching the teacher model a sample book club conversation. They thought about what a good book club looked and sounded like. The class also brainstormed a list of possible themes that we frequently find in our books. Some of these included courage, friendship, growing up, fitting in, and family. Each book club session begins with a discussion of question prompts. Different groups have different focuses: one group might concentrate more on vocabulary while another will emphasize trying to build rich, lasting conversations about their books. Since so many students are absent this week, we will be doing more independent reading, making sure that we have a ready supply of Just Right books to read during our break.

Writing – Last week, students focused on filming and editing their Green Screen videos. This week, they will continue to edit using their rubrics and then we will showcase our videos during the “Shecky Awards” this Wednesday. This will be our fourth grade version of the Academy Awards, the award categories being: “Best Acting and Dialogue”, “Best Historical Fiction Details”, “Most Creative”, and “Best Overall Video”. This project brought their writing projects to life and pushed students to practice all of the ESLRs (being communicators, collaborators, complex thinkers, independent learners, and global citizens).

Math – Last week, students focused on building their understanding of factors and multiples. We finished the week with an assessment on multiplication and division last Friday. When we return from break, we will begin a unit on geometry, specifically angles. Each math lesson will continue to include the use of mental math, problem-solving, manipulatives, and the expectation of showing and explaining your work.

Science – Students continued their study of “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” by investigating the concepts of physical and chemical weathering last week. We looked at how weathering affects the materials that make up the soils that are found in different environments. Using vinegar as a substitute, we observed how acid rain causes certain rocks to chemically weather, but leaves others unaffected. Letting our rocks sit in vinegar overnight, we then poured out the remaining liquid in to evaporation dishes. This week, we will be looking at what is left after the liquid has evaporated.

Word Study  – We have returned to focus on Spelling, specifically trying to master the spelling words on the Grade 4 Dolch List.


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