Weekly Preview (3/19 – 3/23)

Important Events this Week:

  • Grade 4 Concert = Tuesday, March 22nd

Next Week:

  • Spring Break = March 26th – March 30th

Reading – We are finishing up our Book Club books and working on our collaborative projects to be finished by this Friday.

Writing – Students have been working on drafting their Literary Essays for the book, Fox. We will finish revising, editing, and publishing this week.

Math – This week we have been learning how to use find the measure of unknown angles and about lines of symmetry.

Science – We are concluding our science unit on “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” with a study of fossils this week. For their final assessment, students will be asked to create a graphic novel explaining the topics we have studied in this unit.

Word Study  – Students were given a list of 18 commonly misspelled words by fourth graders. We have been practicing these words daily and will be having a Spelling Test this Friday.

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