Weekly Preview (4/23-4/27)

Important Events this Week (It’s a busy one!):

  • Earth Week = Students will be watching videos and doing activities to learn more about how they can help protect the Earth! 
  • Author Visit = Helaine Becker will visit and speak to students on Monday, April 23rd.
  • Literacy Lounge = Student work from the year has been hung up on Level 5. We will be visiting on Monday, April 23rd to read the writing of the students of SIS! 
  • Talent Show = This will take place in the afternoon on Friday, April 27th
  • Swimming begins this week! Students will have swimming this Monday and Thursday! 
  • Chloe’s Last Week = Chloe will be leaving for the US on Tuesday, May 1st. We will miss her and wish her the best of luck! 

Next Week:

  • No school on Monday, April 30th and Tuesday, May 1st = Students will return to school on Wednesday, May 2nd

Reading – Students have begun a unit on Journalism to tie into our new PYP unit on “Economy”. We have been talking about the importance of staying informed of current events as Global Citizens and are using apps and websites like Newsela and Time for Kids to read news articles about what is happening in the world.

Writing – We have completed our Literary Essay unit and begun a unit on Journalism. Students are learning how to write a headline, lead, and utilize the 5Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to structure their news articles.

Math – We have completed our Geometry unit and are beginning Module 5 on Fractions. This is an important unit in fourth grade. Students began the unit with an investigation into what fractions are and ways in which we can decompose fractions using pictures and numbers. Fraction vocabulary is also a focus.

Social Studies/PYP – We have begun our first PYP unit for the year called “Economy”. In this unit, students will investigate the Central Idea (Economies rely on resources and choices to sustain societies) along three Lines of Inquiry (1. The availability of resources influences the economy. 2. Economies connect people and societies. 3. People regulate economies.) Students began this unit with a trading resources activity that helped them understand how trade began and its general benefits. We also studied how the Silk Road helped to connect different civilizations and brought unknown goods to different parts of Europe and Asia. We will begin a study of the Gold Rush and how it affected our understanding of economy this week.

Word Study  – Students will be reviewing run-on sentences and sentence fragments. Depending on time during this busy week, we will talk about countable/uncountable nouns and how to properly use adjectives such as “much” and “many”.


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