Weekly Update (5/7-5/11)

Important Events this Week:

  • Teacher Appreciation = STUCO and the PSA will be selling flowers in front of the Parkside and Mountainside buildings on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8th and 9th. Flowers are 10RMB each (they are currently sold out of cards!)
  • Student Led Conferences = Students are preparing Keynotes that highlight the goals they have achieved and what they have learned throughout the year. They will present their Keynotes to their parents in a 20 minute session this Thursday, May 10th. There will be no school on this day. Students will come with their parents during their assigned time slots. They should bring their iPads.

Next Week:

  • MAP Testing = Students will have MAP testing next Monday (Math 11-12), Tuesday (Reading 1:15-2:15), and Wednesday (Language Usage 8:00-9:00) from May 14th-16th.

Reading – Students are reading a mixture of both news articles and Just Right books. End of Year DRA testing is also beginning this week.

Writing – Students are using what they have learned about writing news articles in our Journalism unit to write their own articles about an event that has happened this year in 4B. We will use these articles to create a 4B Newspaper. Students learned how to write a headline, lead, and utilize the 5Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to structure their news articles. We also focused on using journalistic vocabulary, 3rd person narration, and including quotes in our pieces.

Math – Students have been learning about Fractions, including how to decompose fractions in various ways and justify equivalent fractions using words, pictures, and numbers. In preparation for the MAP test, we are also doing a review of the other units we have learned in fourth grade.

Social Studies/PYP – We are wrapping up our PYP unit on “Economy”. In this unit, students investigated the Central Idea (Economies rely on resources and choices to sustain societies) along three Lines of Inquiry (1. The availability of resources influences the economy. 2. Economies connect people and societies. 3. People regulate economies.) Students studied the Great Depression to investigate why it became necessary for the government to become involved and begin to regulate the US economy at this time. We will end the unit by discussing important features of our modern economy, including money and banks.


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