Second Full Week

We have completed our second full week of school and a lot has happened so far!

Students have been busy with MAP testing and a variety of pre-assessments to see what they already know.

We have begun our first PYP Unit on Ancient Civilizations. In this unit, students are exploring the central idea of how systems evolve from changing human experiences. They are also inquiring into the variety of influences that help to develop a civilization, how decisions are made in different civilizations, and the different types of human-made systems.

In reading, students have been reviewing skills using the acronym CROPVS (connections, reactions, predictions, visualizing, and summarizing). Our first writing unit will be Realistic Fiction, reviewing story elements, and building upon what students have already learned from fourth grade. In math, our first unit will focus on place value, especially on decimals to the thousandths place.

Please take the time to read and comment on your child’s weekly letter to you on Seesaw. The Seesaw Interactive Digital notebook that we ask your child to complete for homework each Friday will be a time for your child to reflect upon his/her learning for the week and for you to learn more about what your child has been doing in school!

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