Weekly Wrap (9/10-9/14)

We have completed our fourth full week of school!

Congratulations to our 5C STUCO representatives (Shian and Jonathan) as well as our Global Citizen ESLR award winners (Geeta, Daniel, and Jonathan)!

In Writing, students have been planning their realistic fiction stories. We have been working on developing our characters’ internal and external traits and brainstorming realistic problems for our characters to overcome. We are beginning our drafting.

In Word Work, we have been learning about prepositions and reviewing our knowledge of conjunctions.

In Reading, we have begun our Book Clubs. This means that we are in mixed class groups and our task is to read and discuss a realistic fiction and historical fiction book over the next four weeks. We are discussing the characters, setting, problems, and themes that we find, as well as any connections, reactions, predictions, opinions, or questions we might have.

In Math, we have been exploring decimal place value by learning about exponents, converting metric units, reading and writing decimals in different forms, and ordering and comparing decimals. We are also plotting decimals on number lines and learning how to round to specified place values.

In Social Studies, we are diving deep into our exploration of civilizations by researching both the Sumerian and Incan civilizations and then choosing another ancient civilization to study. Students are gathering information and then making an evaluation of which six influences they think are most important for creating a successful civilization.

Again, please take the time to read and comment on your child’s weekly letter to you on Seesaw. The Seesaw Interactive Digital notebook that we ask your child to complete for homework each Friday will be a time for your child to reflect upon his/her learning for the week and for you to learn more about what your child has been doing in school!

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