Weekly Wrap Up

A bus obstructed by a tree near Fraser Place.

It has been a crazy week! Due to Typhoon Mangkhut, parent teacher conferences, and a teacher PL day tomorrow, students only had two days of school this week.

Thank you for attending conferences and helping your children create strong goals for this semester! Also, thank you for your generous donations to our classroom library!

In Writing, students took a break from drafting their realistic fiction stories to brainstorm their goals for this first semester. They began by listing their strengths and areas for growth before choosing one academic and one social goal to focus on.  Afterwards, students were asked to create an action plan to help them achieve each one. Today, students went back, reflected on their conferences, and wrote about their goals in more detail on Seesaw. Please visit and comment on their work!

In Reading, we continued with Book Clubs. Most of the groups have finished their first book and are analyzing the characters, setting, problems, and themes that they find. We have been paying especially close attention to exploring common themes and finding evidence in our books through quotes and page numbers.

In Math, we continued our exploration of decimal place value by rounding decimals to various place values using number lines and adding and subtracting decimals using a place value disc chart as well as the standard algorithm. Students will have the Unit 1 assessment on Tuesday. Please find PDF links to the lessons for this unit on the Math page of this blog.

In Social Studies, students finished their notes on the ancient Sumerian and Incan civilizations and chose a third ancient civilization to study. Mr. Sheppard came by to give a presentation to students on the importance of design principles when creating an effective Keynote. Students are gathering information and then making an evaluation of which six influences they think are most important for creating a successful civilization.

Due to the short week, there is no Seesaw Interactive Journal for this Friday but we hope that you visit Seesaw to see more of the work that your child has been doing in school!

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