Learning Comes Alive – Tuesday, April 24th

Weekly Preview (3/19 – 3/23)

Important Events this Week:

  • Grade 4 Concert = Tuesday, March 22nd

Next Week:

  • Spring Break = March 26th – March 30th

Reading – We are finishing up our Book Club books and working on our collaborative projects to be finished by this Friday.

Writing – Students have been working on drafting their Literary Essays for the book, Fox. We will finish revising, editing, and publishing this week.

Math – This week we have been learning how to use find the measure of unknown angles and about lines of symmetry.

Science – We are concluding our science unit on “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” with a study of fossils this week. For their final assessment, students will be asked to create a graphic novel explaining the topics we have studied in this unit.

Word Study  – Students were given a list of 18 commonly misspelled words by fourth graders. We have been practicing these words daily and will be having a Spelling Test this Friday.

Rock and Roll G4 Concert – Tuesday, March 20th

Book Week (March 12th – March 16th)

Learning Comes Alive – Thursday, January 25th

International Parade – Friday, December 1st (8:30-9:15)

Boxes of Hope – Due on December 2nd

Dear Parents,

PSA is happy to take part in this great organization, Box of Hope, that will get our kids involved in a great cause!

Box of Hope is an annual charity project aimed at providing useful and educational gifts to underprivileged children in Asia.

It is very simple and will give joy to many children who have never received a gift.

To participate in this wonderful project, follow these 3 steps:

1.Pick up an empty NEW shoe box from school. We will have them at Mountainside, Parkside, and Bayside entrance on Tuesday – Friday,  November 21-24.

2. Pick up a sticker (from the same place) with the age and gender you choose to fill the box for. Place the sticker on the top of your finished packed wrapped box.

3. Return the completed box to school at the Winter Bazaar on December 2nd. If you cannot return the box on this day, please bring it to school on December 4th and 5th.

Follow these easy steps and together we can make many children happy!

Thank you very much ,

Pirates 2 – Wednesday, November 22nd and Thursday, November 23rd

Classical Music Recital – November 1st

Disco Day – Tuesday, October 31st

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