Box of Hope

Dear Parents,

It is time for our annual Box of Hope event! Each year we participate in this wonderful activity that allows our children to share the joy of the holiday season with children in need. It is very easy to participate.

Simply take a free shoebox (or more!) this Friday, November 2 when you pick up your child. We will be distributing boxes at Mountainside, Parkside, and Bayside.

Wrap the box with decorative paper.

Fill it with NEW gifts and toiletries.

Bring to the Winter Bazaar November 24 (or to school November 26-27)

For more information, please watch this short video:

Shenzhen Museum Fieldtrip

As a final tie-in to our previous Unit of Inquiry, grade 5 students visited the Shenzhen Museum to find evidence of different human-made systems in Shenzhen and how they have changed over time. Students were asked to find photographic evidence of such systems as money and trade, art and architecture, agriculture, religion, and communication. Then students had to work in their groups to evaluate and select the most meaningful photos for each system. Besides being educational, it was just a really fun experience for all!


Coming Up in October…

Hello Parents,
As next week quickly approaches, I just wanted to remind you of some events that will also be taking place.

  • “SIS Stories” Podcast Global Event on October 17th all day – from the convenience of your own home or workplace; just click HERE on that date
  • Annual Bayside Halloween Haunted House on October 19th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm – at SIS Bayside Campus; 20RMB for students, 10RMB for accompanying adults
  • 2018-2019 PSA Family Movie Night on October 20th starting at 5:30pm for food stalls and 6:30pm for movie – at SIS Jinshan Sports Field
    Looking for a way to study key vocabulary words in preparation for our science unit on matter, mixtures, and solutions? Here are two great quizlets shared by Mrs. Gibson to help your student in their endeavors:
  • Quizlet Flashcards 1
  • Quizlet Flashcards 2
    In mathematics, we have begun investigating the order of operations and numerical expressions. If you would like to review some of these concepts so far instructed, here are a few resources to assist:
  • Study Jams: Order of Operations
  • Khan Academy: Constructing Numerical Expressions
    As we complete our “Who We Are” unit of inquiry, we are also wrapping up our reading interpretative book clubs and narrative writings. We are now crossing over to our second unit of inquiry, “How the World Works” where we will be delving deeper into nonfiction text and research essay writing. Please keep a look out for our big wrap up at the end of the next unit where students will showcase their mastery learning from each topic / unit.
  • Curriculum Night

    Thank you very much to those who were able to attend our Curriculum Night today. It means a lot to me as a teacher to see the evidence of our partnership both at school and at home in the education of your child. For those who were unable to attend, please do not worry. I understand that other commitments can get in the way (I myself was unable to attend the curriculum presentations in my daughters’ classrooms).

    For your convenience, I am attaching the presentation as a PDF file.

    as a PDF.


    Weekly Preview (3/19 – 3/23)

    Important Events this Week:

    • Grade 4 Concert = Tuesday, March 22nd

    Next Week:

    • Spring Break = March 26th – March 30th

    Reading – We are finishing up our Book Club books and working on our collaborative projects to be finished by this Friday.

    Writing – Students have been working on drafting their Literary Essays for the book, Fox. We will finish revising, editing, and publishing this week.

    Math – This week we have been learning how to use find the measure of unknown angles and about lines of symmetry.

    Science – We are concluding our science unit on “Soils, Rocks, and Landforms” with a study of fossils this week. For their final assessment, students will be asked to create a graphic novel explaining the topics we have studied in this unit.

    Word Study  – Students were given a list of 18 commonly misspelled words by fourth graders. We have been practicing these words daily and will be having a Spelling Test this Friday.