Important Upcoming Dates

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday, May 9: Field Trip to SWIS’ Grade 5 PYP Exhibition (Lunch will be in the classroom at 11:50; all students need to bring lunch)
  • Thursday, May 9: All School Community Reception, Opening Ceremony, and SIS Visual & Performing Arts Show at G&G Creative Community at 5:00-8:30pm
  • Friday, May 10: Students will visit the SIS Visual & Performing Arts Show (5B will be leaving SIS at 11:40am)
  • Tuesday, May 21: Transition to Bayside field trip (info coming soon)
  • Thursday, May 23: Student Led Conferences (No school – Sign Up Genius link will be coming soon)
  • Friday, May 24: Field trip with Grade 6 to KoolFly (info coming soon)
  • Monday, May 27: Professional learning day for teachers (No school for students)
  • Thursday, May 30: Field trip to ISNS’ PYP Exhibition
  • Friday, May 31: Trimester 3 ASAs finish
  • Tuesday, June 4: Sharing of the Exhibition beginning at 3:00pm (You won’t want to miss the Opening Ceremony; info and invitations coming soon)
  • Wednesday, June 5: Sharing of the Exhibition during the school day
  • Wednesday, June 12 (time TBD): Grade 5 Moving Up Ceremony and Potluck Lunch
  • Thursday, June 13: Grade 5 pizza party and pool party
  • Friday, June 14: Early dismissal at 11:30am (Last day of school)

As you can see above, these last 6 weeks are going to fly by quickly. Please add these dates to your calendar.

We have finished our reading and writing units for the year. I will be sending home the assessments from these units as they are graded. For the rest of the year, the students will be using the skills they have learned all year to help them research their PYPx Exhibition topic.

In mathematics, we took the Unit 6 test and made corrections as needed. Students were also given the option to reassess on questions they had missed. I will be sending home these assessments with the attached rubrics next week.

Our next and final mathematics unit is on coordinating graphs and using them to find patterns and solve real world problems.

Our main focus for the next 5 weeks is on the SIS PYPx exhibition. Students have been put into their groups or are working individually. They have also been assigned a mentor. Groups are researching an issue that is connected to one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. After researching, they will come up with an action plan to address this issue. It is an exciting but busy time.

Week of April 1

Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 5–Qing Ming Holiday, NO SCHOOL for students
  • Monday, April 8–Trimester 3 ASAs start

What we’re doing…

In math, we have started our unit on area, volume, and categorizing 2D shapes. This week we looked at rectangular prisms and how we can find the volume by counting cubes and decomposing the prism into layers. Please click on the Unit 6 Newsletter for tips on how you can help your child during this unit. We are also looking at how this connects to the formula for finding the volume of a rectangular prism, as well as reviewing how to find the area of rectangles.

In reading, we’re continuing with our fantasy book club unit. Students have been reviewing story elements and looking at craft techniques, tracking the internal and external struggles/conflicts for the characters, and finding evidence for the themes that are developing.

In writing, we are drafting our memoirs. We will begin revising to make sure that our memoirs are an effective blend of narrative and essay.

In science, we’re continuing with our Earth, Sun, and Stars unit. We looked at the ways that the Earth moves and how this affects the length of day and night. We also supported an argument that gravity pulls objects “down”. We will finish the unit by graphing data and looking for patterns in the length of shadows throughout the day, and the constellations that we see throughout the year.

TEDx @ Jingshan

Congratulations to Emma Lin in 5B and Shian Joo in 5C for a fantastic job at TEDx @ Jingshan. Please view, like, and share their official TEDx talks below.

Don’t forget to check out all the TEDx @ Jingshan speakers by simply searching the keywords “TEDx Jingshan” on YouTube.

Week of February 25th

Upcoming Important Dates
Tuesday, February 26 ~ Dream Job Spirit Day

Tuesday, February 26 ~ Chime Stars and ASA Choir in the Gecko Theatre @ 17:00

Wednesday – Friday, March 6 – 7 ~ School Without Walls (SWW) Field Trip in Hong Kong
Monday, March 11 ~ Grades 3 – 5 Field Day
Monday – Friday, March 18 – 22 ~ Book Week

Thursday, March 21 ~ Grade 5 Music Curriculum Showcase in the Gecko Theatre @ 17:00

Friday, March 22 ~ Book Character Dress Up Day
Monday – Friday, March 25 – 29 ~ Spring Break (No School for Students)
Friday, April 5 ~ Qing Ming Holiday (No School for Students)
Friday, April 26 ~ Primary Talent Show

TEDx Youth Jingshan 2019
On Saturday, February 23rd, TEDx Youth Jingshan hosted their inaugural event featuring students and adults throughout the community. Participants put forth countless hours to prepare for their TEDx talks, meeting with mentors, revising / editing, enhancing, and developing amazing presentation skills. This hard work was certainly apparent at the event. Congratulations to 5C’s very own Shian, who presented an amazing talk on how being invisible might not be such a bad thing after all.

Congratulations to all the amazing speakers of the evening!

Photo Credit: Emma’s mother

Last, but certainly not least, congratulations to the fearless leader who organized, narrated, and put together the entire event. Without her, this simply wouldn’t have run. Awesome job, Tosca!

What’s Going On Now (February and March)!

So much is happening at SIS!!!!!!

Grade 5 is so excited for our overnight field trip that is quickly approaching. Grade 5 students will go to Hong Kong on March 6th, spend two nights at a great facility with grade 5 teachers and Dragonfly staff members, and return to school on March 8th. Remember, an informational session will be held today at 17:15 in the Gecko Theater.

TEDx Youth Jingshan will be holding an extraordinary event with fabulous speakers from SIS, the Shenzhen community, and beyond. You won’t want to miss it! One of our very own 5C student, Shian, will be speaking on the connection between invisibility and freedom. Hope to see you at Level 5 this Saturday, February 23rd. Tickets are mandatory. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Also on February 23rd, the FLL robotics team will be in Shanghai to compete in the ACAMIS robotics tournament. We wish these students the best of luck!

Next week on February 26th, SIS will have our next STUCO sponsored Spirit Day: “Dream Job Day!” Start thinking about your dream job and what you can wear to school that day to show it off. You can dress up as a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, etc… the choices are endless. Students not participating must wear school uniforms this day.

Lastly, while you’re planning out your wardrobe for Dream Job Day, don’t forget about Book Character Dress Up Day. This will be during Book Week, on March 22nd. Start making your costumes or searching on Taobao now!

Weekly Update (January 28 – 31)

The New Year is almost upon us…
With that being said, stay safe and have fun over the holiday break. I’ll miss each of my students and can’t wait for their return.

Important Upcoming Dates

Wednesday, January 30: Student-Led Parent / Teacher Conferences; Please arrive on time for your scheduled conference. Each conference is only allotted for a total of 20 minutes. Anytime requested above 20 minutes will require a separate time to meet in the future.

Thursday, January 31: Last day of school before the Holiday break; Chinese heritage assembly will be held from 8:10 – 9:00 in the SPAH, followed by dances at the sports field immediately following. All parents are invited to come to this event. Official MAP test scores are scheduled to be released this day as well.

Friday, February 1 – Sunday, February 10: No school – Chinese New Year Holiday

Monday, February 11: All students return to school… Welcome to the year of the pig!

Coming Up in October…

Hello Parents,
As next week quickly approaches, I just wanted to remind you of some events that will also be taking place.

  • “SIS Stories” Podcast Global Event on October 17th all day – from the convenience of your own home or workplace; just click HERE on that date
  • Annual Bayside Halloween Haunted House on October 19th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm – at SIS Bayside Campus; 20RMB for students, 10RMB for accompanying adults
  • 2018-2019 PSA Family Movie Night on October 20th starting at 5:30pm for food stalls and 6:30pm for movie – at SIS Jinshan Sports Field
    Looking for a way to study key vocabulary words in preparation for our science unit on matter, mixtures, and solutions? Here are two great quizlets shared by Mrs. Gibson to help your student in their endeavors:
  • Quizlet Flashcards 1
  • Quizlet Flashcards 2
    In mathematics, we have begun investigating the order of operations and numerical expressions. If you would like to review some of these concepts so far instructed, here are a few resources to assist:
  • Study Jams: Order of Operations
  • Khan Academy: Constructing Numerical Expressions
    As we complete our “Who We Are” unit of inquiry, we are also wrapping up our reading interpretative book clubs and narrative writings. We are now crossing over to our second unit of inquiry, “How the World Works” where we will be delving deeper into nonfiction text and research essay writing. Please keep a look out for our big wrap up at the end of the next unit where students will showcase their mastery learning from each topic / unit.
  • Weekly Wrap Up

    A bus obstructed by a tree near Fraser Place.

    It has been a crazy week! Due to Typhoon Mangkhut, parent teacher conferences, and a teacher PL day tomorrow, students only had two days of school this week.

    Thank you for attending conferences and helping your children create strong goals for this semester! Also, thank you for your generous donations to our classroom library!

    In Writing, students took a break from drafting their realistic fiction stories to brainstorm their goals for this first semester. They began by listing their strengths and areas for growth before choosing one academic and one social goal to focus on.  Afterwards, students were asked to create an action plan to help them achieve each one. Today, students went back, reflected on their conferences, and wrote about their goals in more detail on Seesaw. Please visit and comment on their work!

    In Reading, we continued with Book Clubs. Most of the groups have finished their first book and are analyzing the characters, setting, problems, and themes that they find. We have been paying especially close attention to exploring common themes and finding evidence in our books through quotes and page numbers.

    In Math, we continued our exploration of decimal place value by rounding decimals to various place values using number lines and adding and subtracting decimals using a place value disc chart as well as the standard algorithm. Students will have the Unit 1 assessment on Tuesday. Please find PDF links to the lessons for this unit on the Math page of this blog.

    In Social Studies, students finished their notes on the ancient Sumerian and Incan civilizations and chose a third ancient civilization to study. Mr. Sheppard came by to give a presentation to students on the importance of design principles when creating an effective Keynote. Students are gathering information and then making an evaluation of which six influences they think are most important for creating a successful civilization.

    Due to the short week, there is no Seesaw Interactive Journal for this Friday but we hope that you visit Seesaw to see more of the work that your child has been doing in school!

    Weekly Wrap (9/10-9/14)

    We have completed our fourth full week of school!

    Congratulations to our 5C STUCO representatives (Shian and Jonathan) as well as our Global Citizen ESLR award winners (Geeta, Daniel, and Jonathan)!

    In Writing, students have been planning their realistic fiction stories. We have been working on developing our characters’ internal and external traits and brainstorming realistic problems for our characters to overcome. We are beginning our drafting.

    In Word Work, we have been learning about prepositions and reviewing our knowledge of conjunctions.

    In Reading, we have begun our Book Clubs. This means that we are in mixed class groups and our task is to read and discuss a realistic fiction and historical fiction book over the next four weeks. We are discussing the characters, setting, problems, and themes that we find, as well as any connections, reactions, predictions, opinions, or questions we might have.

    In Math, we have been exploring decimal place value by learning about exponents, converting metric units, reading and writing decimals in different forms, and ordering and comparing decimals. We are also plotting decimals on number lines and learning how to round to specified place values.

    In Social Studies, we are diving deep into our exploration of civilizations by researching both the Sumerian and Incan civilizations and then choosing another ancient civilization to study. Students are gathering information and then making an evaluation of which six influences they think are most important for creating a successful civilization.

    Again, please take the time to read and comment on your child’s weekly letter to you on Seesaw. The Seesaw Interactive Digital notebook that we ask your child to complete for homework each Friday will be a time for your child to reflect upon his/her learning for the week and for you to learn more about what your child has been doing in school!

    Weekly Update (5/7-5/11)

    Important Events this Week:

    • Teacher Appreciation = STUCO and the PSA will be selling flowers in front of the Parkside and Mountainside buildings on Tuesday and Wednesday, May 8th and 9th. Flowers are 10RMB each (they are currently sold out of cards!)
    • Student Led Conferences = Students are preparing Keynotes that highlight the goals they have achieved and what they have learned throughout the year. They will present their Keynotes to their parents in a 20 minute session this Thursday, May 10th. There will be no school on this day. Students will come with their parents during their assigned time slots. They should bring their iPads.

    Next Week:

    • MAP Testing = Students will have MAP testing next Monday (Math 11-12), Tuesday (Reading 1:15-2:15), and Wednesday (Language Usage 8:00-9:00) from May 14th-16th.

    Reading – Students are reading a mixture of both news articles and Just Right books. End of Year DRA testing is also beginning this week.

    Writing – Students are using what they have learned about writing news articles in our Journalism unit to write their own articles about an event that has happened this year in 4B. We will use these articles to create a 4B Newspaper. Students learned how to write a headline, lead, and utilize the 5Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to structure their news articles. We also focused on using journalistic vocabulary, 3rd person narration, and including quotes in our pieces.

    Math – Students have been learning about Fractions, including how to decompose fractions in various ways and justify equivalent fractions using words, pictures, and numbers. In preparation for the MAP test, we are also doing a review of the other units we have learned in fourth grade.

    Social Studies/PYP – We are wrapping up our PYP unit on “Economy”. In this unit, students investigated the Central Idea (Economies rely on resources and choices to sustain societies) along three Lines of Inquiry (1. The availability of resources influences the economy. 2. Economies connect people and societies. 3. People regulate economies.) Students studied the Great Depression to investigate why it became necessary for the government to become involved and begin to regulate the US economy at this time. We will end the unit by discussing important features of our modern economy, including money and banks.


    Weekly Preview (4/23-4/27)

    Important Events this Week (It’s a busy one!):

    • Earth Week = Students will be watching videos and doing activities to learn more about how they can help protect the Earth! 
    • Author Visit = Helaine Becker will visit and speak to students on Monday, April 23rd.
    • Literacy Lounge = Student work from the year has been hung up on Level 5. We will be visiting on Monday, April 23rd to read the writing of the students of SIS! 
    • Talent Show = This will take place in the afternoon on Friday, April 27th
    • Swimming begins this week! Students will have swimming this Monday and Thursday! 
    • Chloe’s Last Week = Chloe will be leaving for the US on Tuesday, May 1st. We will miss her and wish her the best of luck! 

    Next Week:

    • No school on Monday, April 30th and Tuesday, May 1st = Students will return to school on Wednesday, May 2nd

    Reading – Students have begun a unit on Journalism to tie into our new PYP unit on “Economy”. We have been talking about the importance of staying informed of current events as Global Citizens and are using apps and websites like Newsela and Time for Kids to read news articles about what is happening in the world.

    Writing – We have completed our Literary Essay unit and begun a unit on Journalism. Students are learning how to write a headline, lead, and utilize the 5Ws and 1 H (who, what, when, where, why, and how) to structure their news articles.

    Math – We have completed our Geometry unit and are beginning Module 5 on Fractions. This is an important unit in fourth grade. Students began the unit with an investigation into what fractions are and ways in which we can decompose fractions using pictures and numbers. Fraction vocabulary is also a focus.

    Social Studies/PYP – We have begun our first PYP unit for the year called “Economy”. In this unit, students will investigate the Central Idea (Economies rely on resources and choices to sustain societies) along three Lines of Inquiry (1. The availability of resources influences the economy. 2. Economies connect people and societies. 3. People regulate economies.) Students began this unit with a trading resources activity that helped them understand how trade began and its general benefits. We also studied how the Silk Road helped to connect different civilizations and brought unknown goods to different parts of Europe and Asia. We will begin a study of the Gold Rush and how it affected our understanding of economy this week.

    Word Study  – Students will be reviewing run-on sentences and sentence fragments. Depending on time during this busy week, we will talk about countable/uncountable nouns and how to properly use adjectives such as “much” and “many”.


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