September 13

Writer’s Workshop

In Grade 1, students will:

  • build good writing habits
  • write multiple sentences across several pages
  • explore different genre including- small moment stories (personal memoirs), how-to books, nonfiction texts, fictional series, reviews, and poetry.

Writing Workshop will be used to meet those goals.

Writing Workshop comes from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University.

The structure of reading workshop goes as follows:

  • Mini-lesson: Writers gather on the carpet for a 10-minute lesson.  This is a time for writers to learn something new that will help them with their writing.
  • Independent work time: Writers find a space to work with their writing folder.  They may choose to add to, revise, or edit an old piece, or start a new piece.  They remain engaged in their writing for 30+ minutes while the teacher confers with writers one-on-one or meets with a small group of writers.  In one-on-one conferences, the teacher helps a writer with a skill or strategy that is specific to her/his writing needs at that time. In small group, the teacher works with a group of writers on a skill or strategy.
  • Share: Writers gather back together to listen to a few writers share their work.  Writers share new strategies they tried and receive feedback from their peers.