About Our Graphic Novel Project

The Beginning

To start, we began researching historical events of our choice. Many of us chose an event from our passport country’s history, and many of those events were also closely related to an experience of a family member.

The Middle

After we had conducted our academic research, we crafted narratives, creating characters to tell the stories from history. We engaged in collaboration as we offered one another praise and constructive feedback on our drafts.

During this part of the process, we also began playing with images to pair with our narratives. We looked to our class text, Persepolis, as well as other graphic novels, to help us consider how to frame images, how to play with different size panels, and what to consider when creating purposeful images.

The End

After more discussion, reflection and revision, we polished our narratives and graphics. We proudly took our final products to the 4th grade classrooms of Ms. Ferguson, Mr. Banner, Ms. Ramos and Mr. Knight. This authentic audience offered us a place to engage in teaching and conversation about our stories. It was pretty magical.

Moments from our visit to the 4th grade classrooms …