6th Grade – When Mr. Yung comes to Visit.

Oct - 22 2014

On Day 3’s, Mr. Yung often comes to our classroom before he leads us up to the library for book exchanging. In preparation for these times, Ms. Walsh and Ms. Jarr will meet with Mr. Yung to plan a lesson that fits the current work we are all doing in class. The images below show […]

6th Grade – Ancient Egypt!

Oct - 22 2014

It might seem that while students are studying social studies, they are not reading or writing. In fact, the opposite is true. Their reading has led them to study the features of non fictional texts, much of it to do with map reading and research. Rhaine’s poster on volcanoes (in the previous 6th grade post) […]

6th Grade – How do landforms affect the way we live?

Oct - 22 2014

In recent weeks, 6th grade students have been focusing on geography and loving it! Here are some of the activities that they have completed: 1. Working in small groups to look at maps and identify what they are seeing, using keys, legends and the compass rose. 2. Building their vocabulary of landforms and creating popplets […]

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