7HUMC Warms up for Work!

Aug - 27 2015

Today 7HUMC students spent time checking in on the second drafts of their personal narratives, that had been peer edited. These narratives are part of a major assignment tied to the first unit of work for them called “What is Identity?” On Tuesday, students demonstrated their total absorption in reading each other’s work. They then […]

6Literacy Students READ!

Aug - 25 2015

Both 6LitA and 6LitB classes have been thinking about the books they have enjoyed. Each student was asked to create a pic collage of those books. There are books that some of them loved when they were small, but all books selected are those they have especially fond memories of. See four of the pic […]

Energetic Whirlwinds SPIN!

Aug - 25 2015

Last week 6Wind students came up with a name and a flag that they belief reflects who they are as a group. They also decided that their #SISCares word would be family. Watch for the arrival of our short video that shows Whirlwinds at work. Thanks to Jason and Dodi for their work on iMovie […]

6HUMC – Invisible or Visible?

Aug - 24 2015

Last week 6th Graders learned about the differences between visible and invisible aspects of culture. The pictures below show them doing a simple sort of these aspects. We are able to see traditional foods, recognise special festivals and enjoy dances that represent cultures so well. What is harder to understand are those cultural norms, taboos, […]

“Hello! I’m in 6LitA/6LitB”

Aug - 20 2015

One of the first classes that 6th grade students experienced in middle school was 6 Literacy. This is a new program that came from the need to ensure students received all parts of a humanities curriculum, despite the shortening of periods compared to last year. All 6th grade students have this class all year long, […]

6HumanitiesC gets to Work!

Aug - 20 2015

6HUMC has just 14 students in the class, but that doesn’t mean they are not a lively group who want to enjoy their time in their humanities lessons. Students started the year by creating a timeline of events in their lives that matter to them. There were two reasons for this: firstly, we know that […]

6Wind Advisory Comes to Life!

Aug - 19 2015

I am excited to introduce you to the new group of students that belong to the 6Wind Advisory! I have already discovered that I have many tech savvy students: Alyssa,Yeongjun and Virginia contributed to flag designs for us. All students have participated in creating their logo, tee shirt design, Advisory name and flag. Here is […]

Meet 7HumanitiesC

Aug - 19 2015

A term that I seem to use a lot is “Time Flies” – the Latin equivalent is “Tempis Fugit”! And so it seems for the 14 7th Graders that make up one of our three 7th grade humanities classes. Today we listed the tasks that they are working through, as part of getting organised for […]

Here We Go! 2015-2016 year

Aug - 13 2015

This is the first of many posts to come this year, so welcome to my 2015-2016 parents, students and other readers of this blog. Posts are useful because they are like news updates, while the pages on this blog will be changed (added to) every now and then. This year I will be posting about […]

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