6HUMC – Writing About A Realization.

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Have you ever thought about what really matters to your child?
Yesterday was probably the most meaningful lesson that I’ve taught in writing this year. There needs to be a really good reason for students to understand why they should write. Being able to communicate with clarity is an important standard to be reached in English classes. But that doesn’t really cut it with kids. Reading a short story about a boy who realizes he loves animals and then learning that his new kitten is too sick to live, is a story my 7th graders haven’t forgotten from last year.The boy realizes that he has his own unique identity within his family and it makes him a stronger person. Although it took forty minutes to have all 6HUMC students find a meaningful topic to write about, they all did. Here are some of their thoughts, which essentially have lead them to an important realization about themselves and/or their families.
* Being in school on your last day there, when you know you aré moving away from your family, your friends AND your country, makes you realize what is important.
* Being in a boot cast for most of the year, makes you realize just how much you love the game of basketball.
* Not sleeping, eating or taking time to play,before a big performance, can stop you from getting the very thing you so want.
* To avoid being hugely disappointed about not getting into a stadium to watch a big game, you must remember to be organized
with tickets.
* It can take years of personal reading and research to understand your family history, because you have realized how important that is.

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