6Literacy- Assessments, Reading and About Mes.

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Last week students had good opportunity to focus on their own reading – books that they’ve chosen and that they know they will enjoy. Literacy classes where students are actively working are around 30 minutes, which is an ideal amount of time for independent reading. The two lessons they had this week allowed them to have reading time, while their two teachers worked with individuals on reading assessments. Most returning students know what these are, as they have come from the elementary school with previous DRA files. At MS, we choose to test one level or one genre (fiction or non-fiction) down, at the beginning of the school year. This is to confirm that students are well placed for the year’s work and have not lost too much learning over the long summer break. DRA results for 6th grade students are raised at the October parent conferences, or earlier if needed or wanted.
Students also began making an “About Me” slideshow. I hope they share these with you as they finish them. Mrs. Jenkin used to teach in Korea International School and we are starting to communicate with a fifth grade class there. There will be more about that in upcoming posts.

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