6 Literacy Classes – Guided and Interest Reading Groups.

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I am looking forward to student involved conferences, coming up on October 20 – not so far away, and the day after mid semester progress report cards go home. If you are reading this post, you will have a head start on understanding what is about to happen in both Literacy classes.

In the past six weeks, students have examined their reading likes and dislikes and written about themselves as readers and writers. They’ve created online bookshelves to track their reading, had the pleasure to just read, and are now beginning to chat with each other about their reading lives. Through guest readers, they understand how each person has a unique reading life.

Their teachers have been analyzing DRA data (see previous post on assessments) and looking at the best ways to cater for specific reading and language development needs. Over the second half of this semester, stidents will be in small groups working in like levels to allow teachers to provide focused instruction on areas of need – these vary from chunking information for better understanding, to finding main ideas and supporting details in short non-fiction texts. Guided reading sessions are short and focused, with the teacher choosing the reading materials.

Students will also be grouping themselves into interest groups, where they choose a concept or topic that pulls them together as readers. They will collect books to share and then come up with a proposition for a culminating presentation to their class. In essence, students get to choose what they read, and how they will provide evidence of their learning. We all win!

I can’t wait to see how this all comes together…

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