7HUMC – My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes!

Oct - 04 2015 | By

The essence of this post has nothing to do with cats or boxes! But whenever I see my 7th graders head out to their chosen spots for independent reading, I’m reminded of a children’s book about cats hiding in boxes. Like adults, students like to settle comfortably to read, even for a short 20 minute session. Some sit on the sofa, some between mobile shelving units and others choose to sit on high stools at their desks. There are yet others who will sit under the long window bench at the back of the classroom.

Personally, I prefer to curl up on my bed, with a cup of tea or glass of water close at hand. That’s where I am right now. “A Fine Balanbe” by Rohinton Mistry is almost finished, and on my right are two school related guide books: “Personal Narratve” and “writing Pathways – Performace Assessment and Learning Progressions”. I am still on holiday – which book will I pick up? The novel or the teaching guides….what would you do?




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