7th Grade Humanities Curriculum

Welcome to this brand new page, that informs parents, students and anyone else interested in the learning of 7th graders at Shekou International School. I have started this page with the current unit, and will continue to add units as we finish the previous one. Please follow the posts for updates on what these students are currently doing, and you’ll know when they are finishing up one unit and preparing to move to the next.

I am enjoying working with 7HumanitiesC. They are a quietly motivated group of students, and as it’s the beginning of the year, I have much yet to learn about them. This is what the first unit helps to do.

Unit 1 – Modern Identity
In this unit, we will explore identity… which is very complex. Identity can be individual, and can be something very global and shared by many people. The main themes will be: belonging, exclusion, perspective and identity.

Essential Questions:
* How do we define who we are?
* What kinds of problems does being different create?
* How are people being included and excluded in different communities across the world? (including on social media..)

Key Understandings:
* Identity is complex and constantly changing.
* Every one struggles with belonging and defining who they are.
* Today’s world is a constantly evolving and transforming one.

Key Issues/Themes: Belonging vs. Exclusion, Perspective and Communities

*”If you knew me” Projects (Biopoem, Autobiographical Essay, “If you knew me” video)
*Themes Literary Essay (based on the reading of the Among the Hidden book)
*Modern Issues Realistic Fiction Story “A Day in the Life of..” narrative; based on research
*Reading response journal entries and Book Club reflections

Resources: “We and They” Poem; The Sneetches – Dr. Seuss; The Bear that Wasn’t video; class Edmodo.com page; wikispaces lesson plans page; in-class simulations; Haddix series: Among the Hidden, Among the Imposters

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