6Literacy- Assessments, Reading and About Mes.

Sep - 19 2015

Last week students had good opportunity to focus on their own reading – books that they’ve chosen and that they know they will enjoy. Literacy classes where students are actively working are around 30 minutes, which is an ideal amount of time for independent reading. The two lessons they had this week allowed them to […]

6HUMC – Writing About A Realization.

Sep - 19 2015

Have you ever thought about what really matters to your child? Yesterday was probably the most meaningful lesson that I’ve taught in writing this year. There needs to be a really good reason for students to understand why they should write. Being able to communicate with clarity is an important standard to be reached in […]

Meet 7HumanitiesC

Aug - 19 2015

A term that I seem to use a lot is “Time Flies” – the Latin equivalent is “Tempis Fugit”! And so it seems for the 14 7th Graders that make up one of our three 7th grade humanities classes. Today we listed the tasks that they are working through, as part of getting organised for […]

6th Grade – Who Am I as a Reader?

Sep - 09 2014

Recently, 6th graders carried out a process that would help them confirm who they are becoming as independent readers. They also had an opportunity to find out something new about themselves as readers, simply by making a chart of the books they have read and loved. These included recent reads as well as favourites that […]

8th Grade – Close Reading leads to Writing

Sep - 08 2014

Within the first two weeks of their 8th grade lives, students were handed three autobiographical pieces of writing. All three were written by author Linda Rief and each one was written in a unique narrative style. Students learned the importance of something called “Close Reading”. To read something closely, read it through three times, for […]

6th Grade – Building on Reading Lives

Sep - 08 2014

In the first week of their sixth grade lives, students in 6HUMC had a chance to browse through their new classroom’s book collection. Each student chose books that interested them and these are now in their baskets, ready for reading. Students have also visited their middle school library, where they met with Mr. Yung the […]


Nov - 28 2013

testing categories into menus

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