6HUMC – Invisible or Visible?

Aug - 24 2015

Last week 6th Graders learned about the differences between visible and invisible aspects of culture. The pictures below show them doing a simple sort of these aspects. We are able to see traditional foods, recognise special festivals and enjoy dances that represent cultures so well. What is harder to understand are those cultural norms, taboos, […]

6th Grade – When Mr. Yung comes to Visit.

Oct - 22 2014

On Day 3’s, Mr. Yung often comes to our classroom before he leads us up to the library for book exchanging. In preparation for these times, Ms. Walsh and Ms. Jarr will meet with Mr. Yung to plan a lesson that fits the current work we are all doing in class. The images below show […]

6th Grade – Ancient Egypt!

Oct - 22 2014

It might seem that while students are studying social studies, they are not reading or writing. In fact, the opposite is true. Their reading has led them to study the features of non fictional texts, much of it to do with map reading and research. Rhaine’s poster on volcanoes (in the previous 6th grade post) […]

6th Grade – The Study of Geography

Sep - 25 2014

Last week 6th Graders began their study of Geographical Features: Here are some of the activities covered since then: * Using iBrainstorm to help them collect and organise words about geographical features. Words like isthmus and precipitation were placed on red posits (sticky notes) while words like plateau were written on yellow postits. Green words […]

8th Grade – Creating Utopias

Sep - 08 2014

Last week 8th Graders took a deep dive into their Social Studies topics that focused on the following two questions: What is Reality? What is Truth? They were asked to consider what is most important – the rights of the individual or the safety and security of society? Is it possible to have these two […]

6th Grade – Exploring our Unique Cultures

Sep - 08 2014

Last week students presented their keynote slideshows that focused on an important question: How does my culture influence who I am? At the beginning of their middle school lives, having students take a look at their personal identities helps to settle them in the midst of big changes. They had an opportunity to share their […]

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