7HUMC – My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes!

Oct - 04 2015

The essence of this post has nothing to do with cats or boxes! But whenever I see my 7th graders head out to their chosen spots for independent reading, I’m reminded of a children’s book about cats hiding in boxes. Like adults, students like to settle comfortably to read, even for a short 20 minute […]

6 Literacy Classes – Guided and Interest Reading Groups.

Oct - 04 2015

I am looking forward to student involved conferences, coming up on October 20 – not so far away, and the day after mid semester progress report cards go home. If you are reading this post, you will have a head start on understanding what is about to happen in both Literacy classes. In the past […]

6HUMC- Finding a Good Read!

Oct - 04 2015

I love watching students going through the process of finding a good book to read.The majority of students in this class are reading at or above the expected reading levels for this age range. The handful of students reading slightly below grade level are all bilingual and are just as keen to get lost in […]

6HUMC – Writing About A Realization.

Sep - 19 2015

Have you ever thought about what really matters to your child? Yesterday was probably the most meaningful lesson that I’ve taught in writing this year. There needs to be a really good reason for students to understand why they should write. Being able to communicate with clarity is an important standard to be reached in […]

7HUMC – Response Journal Grades

Sep - 19 2015

This week heralded the four month mark for students being in their 7th grade year. A whole month and to all of us here at school, it feels like a lot longer! students are well into their first unit of work, that takes a more serious look at identity:How do we see ourselves? How might […]

Beach Retreat!

Sep - 12 2015

Middle Schoolers were lucky enough to have the best weather for their Beach Bonding day. Last Thursday all middle schoolers wore their advisory t-shirts, and any other accessories that their groups had decided on to celebrate Beach Retreat day. This is a day where students see their work pay off, in the form of the […]

6 Literacy Classes’ Special Guest!

Sep - 12 2015

At the beginning of this month, 6 Literacy classes were fortunate to have a guest reader: Virginia’s mom, Ms. Young. Please visit the page called Guest Readers, on this blog to find out more about Ms. Young’s visit and also to see the thank you messages from students.

7HUMC – Where Community Overcomes Exclusion!

Sep - 12 2015

Last week, 7th graders enjoyed playing a game that was meant to create an atmosphere of intolerance, where some students excluded others, depending on the number of a card randomly selected. Although the instructions were clear, this group of students so like each other that by the end of the ten minutes all students knew […]

6HUMC – Becoming Storytellers

Sep - 12 2015

Storytelling is a skill, and last week after they had created story maps (see below), 6th graders chose a story and then worked to be able to tell their narrative in three parts – the beginning, the middle and the end. Good storytelling involves interesting characters, a problem, a climax where the problem is at […]

7HUMC: Defining Community and Enjoying Reading!

Sep - 06 2015

Last week, despite the short week, 7th graders covered the following: * Chunking ideas when they are reading a text closely for information and understanding * Debating ideas about community, using an author’s definition of this word * Completing a response about author’s craft, so that they are aware of these strategies for their own […]

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