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Welcome to this Management Systems page. Last year (2014 -2015 year) I was a learner, just like many of you will be now. Edmodo has been the most used homework and monitoring system in the middle school, closely followed by Moxtra. I used both and know I still have a lot to do, to use these systems efficiently. Many of the students in 7th grade understand both, very well, as they have worked with Mr. Knudsen and Ms. Wilson. This year we will also be introducing something called Jump Rope, which is an assessment tracking system. As I learn more about this system, I’ll add notes here for you. I will be working with Ms. O’Brien this year, so will take her lead with the way she manages student work in the seventh grade.

Edmodo is a learning management system where the teacher and learner are able to collaborate in a virtual space.

Students and Parents are able to set up separate profile accounts in order to access the teacher’s virtual learning environment.

This environment entails classroom discussions, quizzes and sending and receiving of assignments. Edmodo is not our grading platform so please don’t look for progress on a child’s work.

Parent How to:

Sign-Up for Edmodo



Learning Management Systems in Ms. Walsh’s Humanities classes

There are several systems used in my class, that are designed to help students organize and share their work. Those systems are sometimes designed for teachers to provide feedback in a timely way. Outlined below are the systems I use:

EDMODO – Students who have moved from SIS’s elementary school already understand this program. It is a well established forum for use at all middle school grade levels.

1. To communicate homework requirements to students.
2. To provide a venue for students to support each other with understanding homework.
3. To provide parents with a view to homework requirements.
4. To communicate feedback to students and parents regarding homework assignments.
5. To assist students with the ESLR goal of becoming independent learners. (Personal management skills)

Please note – feedback emphasis is on what a student can do, and where they can improve. Grades used are more about effort than a formal focus on academic performance.

SIS PLANNING DIARIES – Students began using these this week. (September 10)

1. To assist students with the ESLR goal of becoming independent learners. (Personal management skills)
2. To ensure students have a clear understanding of homework and reminders of upcoming events – recording this information accurately.
3. To support students with following schedules and school expectations (rules)

EMAIL – Students use their school email accounts to communicate in a respectful and professional way with their peers and teachers.

1. To provide students with a direct link to their teacher when they need support with homework or other school matters.
2. To allow communications between students and other members of the SIS learning community.

Students are expected to use courteous email forms. 6th graders are not expected to be online after 8:30 pm.

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