“Grade 7 students are up, fed, and on their way to the day’s activities. Group A and B will alternate with caving and traditional fan painting today. Group C and D will alternate rock climbing and The Great Race along West Street.” ~Mr. Scott

Our 7s were the epitome of resilience, bravery and risk-taking – true explorers!  A lot can fit in a day and not an opportunity was lost when it came to giving our geckos the chance to explore in ways that were engaging and challenging.

Photo Credits: Jacob Scott

Caving is not for the faint of heart, and our geckos have all risen to the challenge. From narrow passages to full body mud immersion, there is nothing these geckos won’t do!

Photo Credits: Cecilia Li

A little rain won’t stop these amazing racers! A great way to incorporate critical thinking skills as students race around the town figuring out clues and exploring the sights.

Photo Credits: Jacob Scott

Fan painting is a Chinese tradition that goes back hundreds of years. Our 7s are taken to a fan making and painting workshop where they are taught this particular type of art.  Our geckos are encouraged to stay true to the style as well as add their own creativity to their fans.

Photo Credits: Alli Denson

The limestone rocks at Yangzhou are a dream come true for rock climbers.  They allow for a challenging climb while still being very safe.

7s are in for a good night sleep for sure!