So much has happened since our geckos set off to their different destinations.  Already our Bayside students have been enjoying the sites especially chosen for their grade level groups.  They have been bonding, having fun, making independent learner choices.

Grade 6 took off this morning.  A quick ride from Bayside, they will be arriving later this morning to Mui Wo (梅窩) in Lantau Island.

Photo Credit: Yvette Cuenco

Amongst a sea of camping equipment, 6s waited patiently as their advisors took attendance and double checked for paperwork to cross the China-Hong Kong border.  Our geckos constantly practice Life Skills and ESLRs.


Grade 7 took both bus and train to arrive at beautiful Yangshuo (阳朔县Yángshuò Xiàn) in Guilin, China.  Whether this is our geckos’ first or tenth time at Yangshuo, it never ceases to take their breath away.  This enchanting place is both full of rich history as well as breathtaking sites.  Our 7s have already arrived to rainy Yangshuo, checked into their hotel and had dinner with their advisories.

Photo Credit: Alli Denson

“Grade 7 has about 40 minutes until we reach Guilin North. Beautiful scenery just outside our window now.” – Mr. Scott

Photo Credit: Jacob Scott


Grade 8 headed to Fujian (福建; Fújiàn) to explore and immerse themselves with the Hakka (客家) people and culture.  Our 8s have the opportunity of bonding as a grade level and participate in service activities, all the while enjoying the beautiful views that Fujian has to offer.

Photo Credit: Peter Hennigar

Photo Credit: Meaghan Wilson

Photo Credit: Meaghan Wilson


Grade 9 got a VIP welcome to Qingyuan (清远市).  Our partner Dragonfly not only creates great experiences for our geckos, but also focuses on building communities and making sure our learners feel welcome and safe.


Photo Credit: Brad Ill

Photo Credit: Brad Ill

They hit the ground biking, so to speak.  They set off on adventures immediately after arriving, had what looked like an amazing meal and collaborated on activities until late night.

Photo Credit: Brad Ill

Photo Credit: Alex Moffatt

Photo Credit: Robert Krebs


Grade 10 hopped on a plane and headed to the clearest skies in all of China! Lijian (丽江) is a historical city in Yunnan province.  There is so much to see and lots to do, and our 10s are in for adventure as well as a true focus on service as they work with the students at a local primary school.

Photo Credit: Amy Atkinson


Grade 11 also hopped on a plane to Malaysia.  First stop, Kota Kinabalu.  11s didn’t waste any time nor did they let a little rain stop them from exploring the night market.

Photo Credit: Andrew Gibson

Photo Credit: Andrew Gibson


SIS works hard and plays hard.  Excited to keep sharing stories coming out of our WWWs experiences.  Check back to this blog to follow our geckos’ adventures. This and much more is what make #SISrocks.