The words adventurous spirits come to mind when looking at what our 9s are currently exploring.  Working in collaborative teams, our freshies have taken to rock climbing, biking the off-roads of beautiful Qingyuan and navigating through the depths of dark limestone caves.

What will they find? Perhaps that their protective gear is a bit snug, or perhaps that the sights on their bike rides are more beautiful than they ever imagined, or perhaps deep in the caves, they’ll find nocturnal organisms that thrive without sunlight.

Or maybe they will find something about themselves that they didn’t know before…

Photo Credit: Sophie Delaporte

Photo Credit: Sophie Delaporte

Photo Credit: Alex Moffatt

Here’s a video that one of our geckos Alia Kanabar put together.  It showcases what the grade 9 trip was about, all seen from the eyes and perspective of one of our 9s!