As the walls of our school come down, our learners become explorers of the physical world, the one beyond the page and screen.  The pace of the day is now defined by our learners’ willingness to immerse into cultures and communities they are visiting.

Our teachers and advisors take the roles of guides and spectators as they allow our geckos to truly explore their surroundings.  This allows for constant observation and reflection as to how our leaners are applying and showing their Expected Student Learning Results, or ESLRs.

“Students had to collaborate to raft up their kayaks and get a persons safely across. One made it in record speed!” ~ Riley Laird, Grade 6 Team Leader


Photo Credits: Yiting Cao

“Grade 7 shows collaboration playing games.” ~ Yiting Cao, Grade 7 Advisor

“Some of our gang learned to ride a bike and were doing circles around the parking lot within 10 minutes. Total rockstars!” ~Peter Hennigar, Grade 8 Advisor

“Collaboration and communication skills as grade 6 listened to the pattern and worked together to get the rhythm down.” ~ Yvette Cuenco, Middle School Counselor

Photo Credits: Andrew Gibson

“Grad 11s showing complex thinking and collaboration by constructing the Borneo traps used in the jungle to trap animals.  The students worked together sharing ideas and techniques to make them.  They also showed global citizenship as we were cooking bamboo rice in the fire the students inquired and learned a song in the local dialect and sang it to the whole camp.” ~ Andrew Gibson, Grade 10 Advisor

Grade 10 showing collaboration and global citizenship by learning local dances.