At SIS, we approach learning for the whole student and WWWs is a great example of how. Our 11s have been living and breathing being in their first official DP year.  We say ‘officially’ because although this is their first year in the DP program, our geckos are no strangers to the approaches of the IB and most importantly, the IB Learner Profile.

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The SIS WWWs experience allows our 11s to explore every aspect of the IB learner profile.  The trip itself has been designed with the “aim to develop internationally minded people who, recognizing their common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet, help to create a better and more peaceful world.”


Our juniors learned about the design and make of traps, a sustainable survival approach for small communities.

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Learning that goes beyond the page, our juniors explore the different ways concepts of physics, mathematics, fitness, communication skills, biology, and much more; come together in one learning experience.

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Transported into the minds and perspectives of communities who live completely differently than they do, our juniors used their background knowledge to problem solve and work together to provide service to the community.

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As they learn and immerse into the culture of Sabah, they communicate in different ways.

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Juniors show respect for the culture and their willingness to try new things, as well as learn through service.

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“We had an action packed last evening with a cultural dance show. The students all gave it a try.” ~ Mr. Gibson, Grade 11 Advisor

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“Students inquired and learned a song in the local dialect and sang it to the whole camp.” ~ Mr. Gibson, Grade 11 Advisor

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“Helping hands crossing a stream.” ~ Ms. Bacigalupo, Grade 11 Advisor



“When kids leave tech behind, they use socks and sticks to play baseball.” ~ Ms. Bacigalupo, Grade 11 Advisor

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Given the opportunities to debrief, our juniors reflected deeply on their experiences.  More than having something to say about their own experiences, they had questions. They wanted to know more.  They were curious, full of wonderings about every experience.

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“We are very proud of all our students for trying new things, working so well with each other throughout the whole trip. It has been great to see them all be so respectful and accepting of the people, environment and culture of Sabah.” ~ Mr. Gibson, Grade 11 Advisor