SIS students hiked shi’bao mountain, stopping on the way to learn about the history of the grottos on the mountain. The most prominent sight at Shibao Shan is the Stone Bell Temple with its 139, well preserved stone carvings.

These magnificent stone carvings at the Stone Bell Temple date back 1300 years to the once powerful Nanzhao Kingdom during the Tang Dynasty (618-907), and are testimony for a time when Mahayana Buddhism from Tibet started to spread in the Yunnan area. Another interesting sight is the “Suspending Temple” also called the Baoxiang Temple. The Baoxiang Temple was built on a ledge of a nearly vertical cliff and can only be reached by a long flight of stairs.

On a clear day the views from the Baoxiang Temple (“Suspending Temple”) over the Shaxi valley are simply magnificent (

SIS students showed their caring natures by helping everyone make it up the mountain. The views were breath taking.