We arrived at the camp site in a small valley, surrounded by massive karst maintains for which the area is known. The kids ran around, played some frisbee and volleyball, and had some time just to be kids. Before the sun went down, the students all learned how to set up a tent, and they were sent off in groups to erect the tent city. They managed to get the last one up before dark, and were rewarded with a delicious meal made by our local partner MauMau. We ate and laughed together as the Dragonfly staff built the campfires we would use for the evenings activities. Students learned a few different fire building techniques, and learned a bit about fire safety. The rest of the night was spent telling stories, singing songs and reflecting on their week without walls experience thus far. And then it was time to turn in. It took several tries for the teachers and dragonfly staff to quiet down the students- they were just so excited and could not stop chatting and giggling. As tired as we were, it was great to hear their enthusiasm.

Camping is one of the ways our students get to experience the awe and beauty of Guilin, China.  Everyone got to experience setting up camp, they had to use their knowledge and what they had learned to make a cozy place to sleep and they got to experience cooking over the fire and real out-door living. The scenery is breathtaking.