We thought it would be great to share a few quotes from students about their experience on the trip.  Some had great insight into what we wanted them to get out of the trip.

Leo “Tired but nice.”

“Caving was a new experience and it was cool.”

Shelly- “The best part was going to the local school and teaching the kids.”

Gamin “I am tired but many experiences with the nature was great!”

Oliver “If you have opportunities, take them.”

“Favorite part of the trip biking and getting muddy and the cave!”

Jacob “If you have the chance to do something, take it!”

Gavin “Life is hard.”

Wallace “Weeks with walls is very fun but also very painful!”

Fred “Friends are like bread, you cannot live without them.”

“Biking was my favorite part of the trip because you get to do new things you cannot do in the city, plus 24 hour open shops.”

Joanna “The things we did were very dangerous.”

“Biking was my favorite part because it was rocky and bumpy!”Jill-

Jill- “I really liked the western restaurant- since the whole week it was the first time we ate western food for 3-4 days.”

Kiki- “I really like the biking part because it was really fun and the weather at that time was really good.”