Weekly Newsletter 2.26-3.2

Grade 4 

Key content: where the four rivers are in Chinese map, some big cities and how to describe directions and locations.


1. In Seesaw: Label the big rivers, cities and directions on the map of China (provided by teacher). Record your explanation of the map.

2.  Practice basic radicals: Page 29-32


Grade 3:

Key content: facts and stories about Chinese New Year


1. Read “All you need to know about 春节” 3 times during the week.

2. Write sentences for pictures to introduce 春节。

1. Try to use your own sentences.

2. As many characters as you can.


Grade 2:

Key content:  rooms in the house


1. Read vocabulary list  about room and furniture 3 times.

2. Draw a simple map of your house/apartment and label the rooms in characters/pinyin.

3. Practice basic radicals: page 23-26 (at least 3 columns).


Grade 1:

Key content: people in school, such as classmates, teachers, principal, nurse, driver, security guards, etc.


1. Read vocabulary list about people in school 3 times.

2.Read text and rhymes in《我的同学》2 times during the week.

3. Practice basic radicals: page 23-26 (at least 3 columns each page).



Key content: review and assessment

Homework: review the previously learned characters

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