Weekly Newsletter 3.12-3.16

Grade 4 

Key content: Finish story “Hua Long Dian Jing”. Compare east dragons and western dragons.


1.  Read story “画龙点睛” and make a video of you telling the story ( not just reading). Upload your video to seesaw.

2. Practice “I can write” word list 2 times on your notebook. We will have dictation for them.

2.  Practice basic radicals: Page 37-39


Grade 3:

Key content: 清明节 Qingming Festival


1. Read questions and answers about 元宵节3 times during the week.

2. Read sentences about 清明节 3 times during the week.

3. Practice “I can write” word list. You can focus on words you cannot write.


Grade 2:

Key content: different rooms and furnitures


1. Read passage “这是李老师的家” 2 times during the week.

2. Finish 1 worksheet.

3. Practice basic radicals: page 31-34 (at least 3 columns).


Grade 1:

Key content: school places, such as classroom, playground, garden, swimming pool, library, etc.


1. Read vocabulary for stationary and finish the worksheets.

2. Read text of《我的书包》

3. Practice basic radicals: page 31-33 (at least 3 columns each page).



Key content:

  1. 四五快读:第三册第一课
  2. 阅读及读书笔记的任务:日期、书句、画一个书中你喜欢的人物并试着写上他是谁
  3. 句子的拼读
  4. 绘本阅读:1.《大海里我最大》     2.《我的后面是谁呢》《大海里的伙伴们》
  5. reading workshop: 1. 大量的阅读   2. 随处都可以阅读     3. 总是有一摞书等着读
  6. 歌曲:三条鱼  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2t235-EXRHs



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