Weekly Newsletter 3.19-3.23

Grade 4 

Key content:  Comparison between Chinese and western dragon; Importance of dragon to Chinese people; A song “龙的传人”.


1. Finish 1 worksheet.

2. Continue to practice “I can write” word list 2 times on your notebook. We will have dictation for them.

3. Practice “G4 U3 I can recognize” word list. The goal is to be able to read out those words and know the meaning.


Grade 3:

Key content:  端午节 Dragon Boat Festival


1. Read the poem 《清明》3 times during the week.

2. Continue to practice “I can write” word list. If you already know the basic ones well, you can focus on the challenge words.


Grade 2:

Key content:  Passages and stories about rooms and furnitures in different rooms


1. Read passages in “这是谁的房间” 2 times during the week.

2. Finish 1 worksheet.

3. Practice basic radicals: page 35-37 (at least 3 columns).


Grade 1:

Key content: vocabulary and texts about school places and activities in different places; subjects


1. Read vocabulary for school places and activities.

2. Read text of《我的学校》

3. Practice basic radicals: page 34-36 (at least 3 columns each page).



Key content:

  1. 四五快读:第三册第二课
  2. 阅读及读书笔记的任务:日期、书名、画一个书中你喜欢的情节
  3. 句子的拼读和段落的拼读
  4. 绘本阅读: 《动物绝对不应该穿衣服》   
  5. reading workshop
  6. 歌曲:小跳蛙 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CygGZnz7kaA


  1. 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,在成人的帮助下把信息记录在下面的表内。
  2. 汉字2描红:片, , , , (P36-39)
  3. 偏旁:立刀旁, 言字旁, 偏厂 (P8-10)
  4. 汉字练习二十二

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