Weekly Newsletter 4.2-4.6

Grade 4 

Key content: Importance of dragon to Chinese people; “I can recognize” words and sentences; “I can write word” list


  1. Finish 1 worksheet.
  2. Continue to practice “G4 U3 I can recognize” word list.
  3. Practice “G4 U3 I can recognize” sentence lists.
  4. Recognize means I can read out and I know the meaning.


Grade 3:

Key content: conclusion of Chinese festivals; story 《中国的节日》《庆祝节日》; compare learned festivals


  1. Read the story《端午节》2 times during the week.
  2. Practice “G3 U3 I can recognize” word and sentence list. The goal is to be able to read out and tell the meaning.
  3. Practice “I can write” word list 2 time on your notebook.


Grade 2:

Key content:  stories about locality (上下左右前后里外面旁边)and directions (e.g. 拿过来); I can read and I can write list


  1. Read story 《卫生间》《马克的房间很乱》2 times during the week.
  2. Practice “G2 U3 I can write” word list. We will have dictation for them.
  3. Practice basic radicals: page 38-39 (at least 3 columns).


Grade 1:

Key content:  subjects and lessons


  1. Read text of《我上二年级》3 times.
  2. Read your own story of 《我们在学校都很忙》to your parents.
  3. Practice basic radicals: page 37-39 (at least 3 columns each page).



Key content:

  1. 汉字2描红(绿色方形的):人, , , , (P1-4)
  2. 偏旁:单人旁, 三框, 女字旁 (P11-13) 
  3. 四五快读:第三册第三课
  4. 阅读及读书笔记的任务:日期、书名、画一个故事的开头
  5. 句子的拼读和段落的拼读
  6. 绘本阅读:  1.《我也可以飞》  2.《我的后面是谁呢》《小树林边的伙伴们》
  7. reading workshop: 和伙伴一起阅读:1. 讨论书中重要的部分   2. 玩游戏:猜猜是什么感受?
  8. 歌曲:河马刷牙 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mjretxEdduw&list=PL941C6F731CAC2700 


  1. 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,在成人的帮助下把信息记录在下面的表内。
  2. 汉字2描红本(绿色):人, , , , (P1-4) (每个汉字最少需完成两列)
  3. 偏旁描红本:单人旁, 三框, 女字旁(P11-13) (每个偏旁最少需完成两列)
  4. 汉字练习二十三

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