Weekly Newsletter 9.10-9.14

Grade 4

Key content: talk about three meals a day; practice typing Chinese characters


  • 1.Read story 《我们吃不同的菜》(We eat different dishes) 2 times during the week.
  • 2. Finish one worksheet.
  • 3. Practice all the study lists in Quizlet (You can do match or test to practice) You can do 2 lists each day. (Numbers, Family members, Basic words, Fruit, Food 1, Food 2, Food 3)

Grade 3

Key content: Shenzhen landmarks and places & home address


  • 1.Read 中国的城市和地标》 2 times during the week. Please write down the time you use to read.
  • 2. Finish one worksheet. (Filling in blanks & Missing radicals)
  • 3. Practice “I can recognize” words. The goal is to be able to write down the English meaning when looking at the characters without pinyin. We will have Quiz on Monday.

Grade 2

Key content: like&dislikes; daily three meals


  • 1.Read 瘦狮子胖狮子》& paragraphs about describing food 2 times during the week. Please write down the time you use to read.
  • 2. Read vocabulary list 1 about food 2 times during the week. Try to recognize the characters.
  • 3. Practice dictation words (G2 U1 I can write 2). We will have dictation on Friday.

Grade 1

Key content: 《双双中文第一册》(Shuangshuang Chinese Volume 1) Lesson 3


  1. Please finish workbook 1A (red) P6-10.
  2. Please prepare for dictation on Wednesday & FridayTextbook page 14 生词 Wed: 大小上中下   Fri: 多少中国美国)
  3. Please read at least 1 Chinese book and write down the name of each book.


Key content:

  • 《四五快读》第一册第三课
  • 绘本阅读:《鸡蛋哥哥》系列


  • 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,在成人的帮助下把信息记录在下面的表内。
  • 描红本(笔画绿色)P13-14
  • 描红本(汉字1—粉色)P10-12
  • 汉字练习三

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