Weekly Newsletter 10.22-10.26

Grade 4

Key content: How culture influence our food choices and Chinese food culture


  • 1. Finish 1 worksheet.
  • 2. Review all word lists in Quizlet. We will start unit assessment this week. Please pay attention to the following two. (“G4 U1 I can recognize” means words you need to be able to recognize. “G4 U1 I can write” means words you need to be able to write.)

Grade 3

Key content: describing cities in terms of weather, population, transportation, fun/famous place, food, etc.


  • 1.Read short readings about Beijing, Shanghai and Hongkong 2 times during the week. Please write down the time you use to read.
  • 2. Finish one worksheet.
  • 3. Review all “I can write” and “I can recognize” word lists. We will start unit assessment during the week.

Grade 2

Key content: healthy and unhealthy food/diet


  • 1. Read sentences about describing food pyramid 2 times during the week.
  • 2. Please discuss with your parents about your understanding about healthy/unhealthy food diet. If you can share in class in Chinese, you can get extra points in class dojo.
  • 3. Finish 1 worksheet.
  • 4. Please review all “I can recognize” and “I can write” word list. We will start unit assessment this week.

Grade 1

Key content: 《双双中文第一册》(Shuangshuang Chinese Volume 1) Lesson 8; story《我好棒》《在学校》《你喜欢做什么》《我的一天》


  • 请完成练习本 1A(红色)第七课 P15-18. Please finish workbook 1A (red) Lesson 7 P15-18.
  • 请准备听写,教材P35(下周一: 木米禾竹花草) Please prepare for dictation on next Monday. Textbook P35 生词 (木米禾竹花草)
  • 请每周至少阅读一本中文书,并写下书名。Please read at least 1 Chinese book and write down the name of each book.


Key content:

  • 《四五快读》第一册第七课
  • 绘本阅读:《鼠小弟》系列


  • 自由阅读:每周读一至三本绘本,并记录在表格内。
  • 描红本(笔画绿色)P23-24
  • 描红本(汉字1—粉色)P22-24
  • 汉字练习七

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